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Do Pageant Girls need to be "Beautiful"?

Posted on February 22, 2020 at 1:05 PM Comments comments ()

Do Pageant Girls need to be "Beautiful"?

What do you think?

What do Girls Need to Participate in a Pageant?

That's a very interesting question!  What do girls need to participate in a Pageant? Pageant girls need just one attribute to compete in a pageant, and that is "just be herself". The definition of "Beauty" in this blog is defined as an "Outside Attribute".  

Moms, Dads, if you speak with any pageant owner, director, or pageant coordinator that says to you, "I really like your daughter, but she is just to plain, or even better, she is not beautiful enough to present/compete in this pageant". I say to the parents in no uncertain manner...."RUN"!  Run as fast as you can away from this type of demeaning talk about the requirement to compete in this type of pageant.

I am a mom of five daughters, and have been a pageant owner, director and CEO for almost 20 years. I would never tell a young lady that she was not beautiful enough to present herself in my pageant.

A good Pageant owner will focus more on what the pageant can do for the contestants. Not present beautiful faces in front of the judges. They will also focus on building the character, personality, image, and confidence in every candidates. Girls should not compete with someone judging them for their outside beauty, but for their overall personality. 

I make it my primary concern to design my Pageant around a teaching program for girls on their inner beauty (from the inside) out. The primary goal is always to enhance the beauty and esteem in girls and young women to be the best that they can be.

They compete only against themselves, but telling their inner critic that they can do it, and by competing, they WIN!  That is what true success is all about.

Confidence does not begin on the outside. It is an inside characteristic. And today, young girls need that in this area of growth - more than anything I can think of.

When we focus our girls on their outside beauty, girls have a tendency to be more revealing in her outerwear, and wear lots of makeup to cover any blemishes on her face, because she feels her looks defines her. But inside, these young girls are hurting and empty.

It was amazing to see the number of contestants who acknowledged their purpose for competing in the pageant was to enhance their personal development skills. When they are themselves, and are not trying to be someone else, they walked away with the crown.

Pageants are a wonderful experience for young girls and women. I would recommend that EVERY girl to present herself in a pageant.

Parents, It is your responsibility to do your research and assure your daughter that the pageant you choose is the right pageant for them. I would be interested in hearing your comments.