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Pageants open doors for so many young women and girls today. Most of all, it gives you an opportunity to enhance your confidence to make a difference in your community, people and the world around you. So as you prepare for this pageant event, begin by making your goal list. This list should include your monthly, weekly, as well as your daily goals.


Begin by visualizing you smiling and walking the runway or platform. If you have an opportunity to attend a “Pageant Preparedness Workshop” with Miss Sparkle Success prior to the pageant event, It is highly recommend you do so. This workshop will help prepare you for your actual speech, casual wear competition, and evening wear.  It will give you that extra confidence you may need to achieve your goals. The Success Workshop and Seminars are a learning event for everyone involved.


In conclusion, if you believe you can, you can!!! You will certainly perform at your highest potential. If you make a mistake, continue to smile and be yourself. You will do just fine. You will only be competing against yourself!  Sign up today!


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