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Building a Positive Personal Image


This Personal Image Course was developed with YOU in mind. Developing a positive image is the foundation for your SUCCESS. It enhances your social skills, personal development, educational opportunities and overall life goals.

Let’s face it; life for most girls isn't “sugar, spice, and everything nice”. Not even close. Girls today put up with the pressures to do drugs, participate in bullying, have sex, lose weight, and act older—all at earlier and earlier ages. Many girls are not finding the encouragement and support they need to protect them from harm at a very vulnerable stage in their lives.

Having a positive personal image portrays how you feel about yourself, and how you relate to others. Wearing fancy clothes or looking sassy does not mean you have a positive image. Remember: It's not just how we look but how we feel about how we look. And it's not just how successful or smart others say we are, but how confident we feel about our talents and abilities. Consider the following steps in understanding how these outside pressures affect our personal image.

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