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Miss Alicia Staley - Age 13
Teen Queen
Before attending a Miss Sparkle Success pageant weekend, I was one of millions of Americans who suffer from "eating disorders" such as anorexia, bulimia or binge eating disorder.  My first year as Teen Queen, I learned to love myself, and gained back my desired weight.  Attend a Miss Sparkle Success Workshop/Teleconference and learn more about this subject, and how you may help others

Hi, my name is Alicia Staley (Age 13).  After being crowned Miss Sparkle Success Queen, I noticed a change within me immediately after the classes I had attended prior to the Pageant Competition. I became happier (If that's even possible) strong and more influential.  However, I thought if I changed on the inside; I could also improve my outward appearance as well.   For years,  I never really liked my short hear, and didn't know how to do my own makeup.  So, I challenged myself after winning the "Title to make "ME" better.  Therefore, I learned how to do my own makeup and got extensions in my hair.  Now, I truly love myself from the inside out.  I think of it as a new sense of self-esteem, but still the same Alicia Staley.

Success is "Academics".
One of the biggest things I take pride in is my academics.  I believe that it is extremely important to do well in school, so that you can be a “Success” in life.  I attend a High School in Flint, Michiganand will be a sophomore in the fall.  I currently have a 4.0 GPA and I am enlisted in High Honor classes for the upcoming year.  In addition, I love to be active in my school by doing fundraisers, attending pep rallies, and getting involved in sports (cheerleading and track).
Success is "Choosing the right Friends".
When it comes to my friends, I don’t just have one “best friend”.  I consider everyone my best friend and offer a hand of friendship to him or her.  However, when choosing the crowd to hang around, I look for those who have the same positive qualities as me. Being around the wrong friends not only corrupts you, but the influence you have on others is weakened.  That’s why I choose friends who encourages me; and accepts me just the way I am.  Many thanks to Miss Sparkle Success.  Alicia Staley.
Miss Megan Brisbin (Age 17)

Before attending a Miss Sparkle Success Pageant Weekend, I suffered from Lack of self-confidence, some call it "low self-esteem".  Look at me now!  Attend a Miss Sparkle Success workshop/ Teleconference and learn more about this subject, and how you may help others.
Miss Sparkle Success has changed my life in many ways. I have gained so much more self confidence in myself and started

Gadalupe".  At this church, I made and served food to the entire congregation. I was able to explain to all of them what Miss Sparkle Success mission was all about and how it has impacted my life in so many ways. I also volunteered at festivals in the Lansing area and in my home town.

I walked around promoting the pageant and helping with all the games and activities.  At the festival, I got roped into doing a pie eating contest where I did win! Since my platform was Relay for Life, I went to numerous Relay's walking laps and performed my monologue. At my local Relay Event, I was the team captain and was given the opportunity to speak at the event on behalf of the Miss Sparkle Success pageant and the reason why I participated in the walk. This has been a great experience for me. Thank you Miss Sparkle Success.  Megan Brisbin
Miss Erica Andrus(Age 23)
National Queen
Before attending a Miss Sparkle Success Pageant Weekend, I suffered from a disease called "Depression", depression is a part of the Lack of self-confidence family.  Although this is a serious condition, and treatment is necesary, learning to love myself has helped me in aspiring to achieve my life goals.  Attend a Miss Sparkle Success Workshop/Teleconference and learn more about this subject, and how you may help others.
After being crowned as the Miss Sparkle Success National Queen, I knew I had to dedicate my year to making my life, and the lives of others better. I've been extremely busy on both ends, and I'd like to share just a little with you! 

If you didn't attend the Miss Sparkle Success National Pageant, you might not know that my platform was to help raise awareness and teach young adults and teens about depression and dealing with self esteem. I have been dealing with depression for a number of years now, and every day is a struggle. I have found that, for myself, drugs are not the answer. I see a wonderful therapist and I work very hard on dealing with my emotions.
Working with the girls through Miss Sparkle Success has been tough on me, since telling people about my depression, something I see as a fault, is very difficult. Sharing my struggles at the national pageant was the first real step towards acceptance for me, and hearing all the wonderful words of encouragement really helped raise my spirits. At the national pageant, I saw that I was not the only one with struggles. We all shared, cried, and learned together.
The things I have done since the pageant have also really helped me move forward on my path to happiness!

I have made great strides in my passion for dance since last February. I am now on 3 professional dance companies in Chicago, and just returned from a 14 day tour in China. I was more than thrilled to represent our country as I, and 22 others, danced as Team USA in the China Tourism Festivals in Shanghai and LuoYang, China.

I continue to work with volunteer organizations in my community, and look for new opportunities every day. I recently helped judge the National American Miss pageant in Illinois, and helped make dreams come true for several young girls. These girls were beautiful, poised, and great leaders for their age groups. It felt wonderful to be on the other side of pageantry, and I look forward to working with girls to prepare them not only for pageants, but for life!  This past October, I walked the AIDS Run and Walk in Chicago to help raise awareness and support for the devastating disease.

In my conclusion:  I hope to make an impact on as many lives as possible before crowning a NEW Miss Sparkle Success National Queen.  I hope you enjoyed a small peek into my life.

Miss Isabel Worth (Age 8) Junior Queen

Miss Isabel Worth was crowned with the title; Miss Sparkle Success Self Esteem “Junior” Queen.  Miss Worth was chosen for her ability to exhibit inner beauty through  her positive behavior, self image and character.  Before winning the title as "Junior Queen", this was Miss Isabel’s second opportunity to compete in the Miss Sparkle Success Pageant.  After her first experience, Miss Worth did not give up, she set her mind on the title of Miss Sparkle Success Queen, and came back for a second chance.  That is what the Miss Sparkle Success experience is all about.  “Never give up on your dreams, goals or what you want to achieve in life”.

 which prides itself on selecting young women who are leaders by nature in their school, community and state.  Each young lady aspire to personally meet their city Mayor, and State Governor.  These young ladies are selected from amongst and elite group as our Miss Sparkle Success Junior, Teen and Miss Queens.

Miss Isabel Worth is a very impressive young lady. She is a “rare find” and thrives on impacting other young ladies in a positive way.  During her Talent Competition, Miss Worth delivered a powerful message of encouragement through singing the National Anthem.  The audience just loved her and stood to their feet with amazement.  We are very proud of Miss Worth’s accomplishments.

Miss Sparkle Success has many "Success Stories" of  young ladies just like you.   Stand up today, and make a difference. You will be glad you did.

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